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What is marketing automation

In today's dynamic business landscape, local businesses are faced with the challenge of staying competitive and effectively reaching their target customer. Marketing automation is a powerful strategy that leverages technology to streamline and enhance various marketing processes, enabling local businesses to engage with their customers in a more personalized and efficient manner.

From lead capture and nurturing to email campaigns and text messages follow-ups, marketing automation equips local businesses with the tools to improve their marketing efforts, build lasting customer relationships, and ultimately thrive in an ever changing digital marketplace. In this fast-paced era, understanding and harnessing the potential of marketing automation can be the key to unlocking new opportunities and achieving sustained growth for your local business.

We offer an all-in-one marketing platform that can solve all your marketing automation needs. No more need to try to learn different marketing softwares and pay multiple subscriptions for tools you probably are not using to their full potential.

Featured Services We Provide

Marketing Automations

Email CRM

Capture and organize your email contacts in one location and easily create emails campaigns that drive sales.

Website Chat Widget

Enable website visitors easily initiate a text-message conversation. Capture their number and easily follow-up with potential customers.

Automated Google Reviews

Google reviews are crucial for a local business. Automate the process and focus more on your business. 

All-in-One Chat Inbox

Manage all your conversations in one chat inbox and never miss another lead trying to log into multiple platforms to follow-up.

Booking Calendar

No more taking booking over the phone. We’ll create a functional booking solution tailored to your business to make booking your services a breeze.

Missed Call Text Back

Never lose business to a missed call again! Tap the phone button below to call us, then hang up after the first ring and watch the magic happen.

Our Pricing Packages

Marketing Automation Solutions

Customer Automation


/ monthly

One-time Setup fee $500

Customer Automation &
Local SEO


/ monthly

One-time Setup fee $1000

Why use Marketing Automation

These are just two of many benefits a local business will experience when they implement marketing automation into their business.

Not sure if marketing automation is right for you? Claim your FREE marketing audit to the right and see for yourself if automations can help your business.

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Most Asked Questions

If you find yourself doing the same marketing tasks on a daily or weekly basis, its very likely there is an automation tool available for that. 

We offer 2 hours of training with all packages we offer. We start with small, manageable automation tasks before scaling up to more complex processes.

Yes! Many local business are taking full advantage of all the points of contact a potential customer comes across for your business. Any method of contact can be captured and consolidated in one convenient and easy to use chat inbox.

With timely and relevant messaging, communication keeps your business in the forefront of customers' minds.

A few examples of some marketing tasks that can automated include email campaigns, text follow-up and reminders, lead capture and nurturing, and social media posts. An example of something handled manually would be a personal customer inquiry about a recent service or purchase.

Our plans start at just $97 a month if you choose our website plan only. They increment by $100 each thereafter depending on the type of automation you desire to implement. There is a one start up fee for each plan and you pay month to month. You can use it for as long as your business is benefiting from your custom automations. No annual contracts! 

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